Choosing action camera (Polaroid Cube Plus vs GoPro Hero 4 Session)

Choosing action camera (Polaroid Cube Plus vs GoPro Hero 4 Session)

To film my first steps and victories (and inevitable failures which I hope will be less common) on the way of making my racing dream come true, I have decided to get the most compact action camera that could be fixed on a helmet, a car (outside or inside) or set up on the circuit.

I could have done an in-depth technical review of all action cameras currently available in the Russian market, but to keep to the point, I will tell you straight away that Polaroid Cube Plus and GoPro Hero 4 Session have made it to the final short list. I will make my final choice between them.

If just the price is considered – the Cube is the winner, if just the parameters – Session. If we compare both according to the price, parameters, and the complete set – the choice isn’t so obvious.

Appearance  Polaroid Cube Plus  GoPro Hero 4 Session
Name Polaroid Cube Plus GoPro Hero 4 Session
Average retail price 12,500 rub. 19,000 rub.
Measurements 35x35x35 mm 38x38x38 mm
Weight 47 g 74 g
Matrix 8 Mp 8 Mp
Image stabilizer No No
Video resolution 1920×1080, 30 frames per sec.

1280×720, 30 frames per sec.

1920×1080, 60 frames per sec.

1280×720, 100 frames per sec.

Max. photo resolution 2592×1944 pixels; JPEG 3264×2448 pixels; JPEG
Sound 1 microphone Double microphone system
Viewing angle 124 degrees 170 degrees
Battery, declared operating time Li, 90 min Li, 120 min
Water resistance Splash protection Up to 10 m deep
Support of memory cards microSD up to 64 Gb, class 10 microSD up to 64 Gb, class 10
Interfaces Micro USB, Wi-Fi Micro USB-interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Other features The magnetized lower side – can be fixed to metal surfaces without additional fastening.

Reviews often note that the Cube lens is lighter in itself

Slow-motion, Time-lapse mode, Wi-Fi remote control, the night mode is declared, but reviews note that even in twilight it is much worse
Complete set (besides the camera) Micro USB cable standard frame, low-profile frame, curved sticky fastening, straight sticky fastening, assembly latch with a hinge, assembly latches, Micro USB cable

Having deliberated a little (and having consulted a friend who is a professional camera man), I nevertheless have decided to choose GoPro Hero 4 Session because:

a) Technical capabilities and parameters (viewing angle, the frequency of shots, resolution) are better

b) Double system of microphones and water tightness (at first it didn’t seem that important, but then you realize that you won’t have to worry in an unusual situation).

c) GoPro has a good complete set with basic fastenings and frames

d) Whatever one may do, GoPro will be more widely used, which means more support and accessories (various fastenings, suckers, frames and all the rest, including from third-party producers)

Everyone makes their own choice, proceeding from their requirements and set purposes. In my case, I think I have made the optimum choice. For my experience of camera use read my other posts.