Racing mentor

The beginning

If your goal is something more, than just being able to drive a go-kart for fun without achievement of significant results, then in most cases you cannot go without a skilled person who will share with you the racing secrets, will help to get and to improve racing skills and will provide reference points for your development.

I had no illusions that I would be able to independently realize my racing potential and become a fast racing driver. Therefore, without wasting time, I have started searching for a combination of a racing mentor and a trainer. You can find my purposes and goals, and also my profile of the auto racing discipline in my first posts. Proceeding from them, I needed a skilled and interesting person from the world of the auto racing.

I have begun to look deeper into the question at hand and practically at once faced a dilemma: what type of trainer do I need? If we set aside fake teachers and theorists that want to make business on your interest, then it is possible to allocate 2 nominal categories:

  • the acting racers driving in the championships. Their advantage is that they have fresh racing experience and work with modern equipment. Disadvantage: they are engaged in races and often won’t be able to allocate a lot of time for training of other people.
  • the former racers that moved to work as trainers, open racing academies and schools or give private lessons. Their advantage is that they are ready to train and it is their main activity. Some of them, indeed, have trainer’s talent and will be able to pass on the experience to other people. Potential disadvantage is that some of them haven’t achieved significant results in races. In this regard there is a question – will they be able to make a fast driver out of you?

Once, during a telephone conversation, Alan Enileev has recommended me Sergey Borisov as representative of “the new school” of Russian racers, and Alexey Karachev as representative of “the classical school.”

I got in touch directly with Sergey by sending a direct message on his Instagram. We have agreed to meet one of the days, but that day he had many meetings, and on the following day he took off to Ekaterinburg for the racing MX-5 Cup series he organized. So, that time we didn’t manage to meet.

While I was planning the next meeting with Sergey, I was looking for other people, reading materials and reviews of different racing academies. Once, looking through Instagram, I have come across Alexey Karachev’s profile and have remembered Alan’s recommendation. We have talked on abstract topics (discussing controllability of the new C 63 AMG coupe, the choice of racing kit, etc.), and then I have asked Alexey about training. He has answered in the affirmative, and we have agreed to meet in 2 days in one of karting clubs that he could see me on the pit and estimate the volume of work and prospects of our cooperation.

Having met and having talked to Alexey, I understood that he can be an excellent trainer and mentor for me as he combined several important points, namely:

  • is an acting driver. In 2015 season Alexey performed for the GT Russian Team Viatti on Mercedes SLS AMG and has taken the 1st place in the Pro AM class following the results of the Blancpain GT Sprint Series 2015 championship
  • is a chief instructor of the AMG racing academy in Russia. Knowing the highest standards of Mercedes in everything, I am sure that they would appoint to the position of the chief instructor only one of the most worthy people with real racing experience and ability to pass on this experience to other people
  • he explains things really well and has rapport with his students

Well, I hope our cooperation with Alexey will be fruitful and effective. As a developing racing driver I will surely meet many interesting people on the way, about whom I will try to tell you in buy CBD products upcoming posts.