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Many of these links you can find separately in my posts. Here I have grouped them for your convenience under different categories.

General: (how to become a racer with Playstation – GT Academy) (get off the couch – reviews of series and championships for amateurs in Russia)  (same article) (Alan Enileev page, see “About me” in the right column)

Racing techniques, tips (Alexey Vasilyev GT driving school videos) (Alexey Vasilyev karting school videos) (RHHCC racing school) (Alexey Karachev racing school) (lessons, techniques, seems like Google translate)

Racing equipment: (equipment requirements) (Atomic web-shop) (For Racing web-shop) (Race Lab web-shop)

Karting clubs: (Arena Play karting club) (Le Mans karting club) (Track and rentals at the Pilot Russian karting school) (Arena GP karting club) (Forza Karting club) (RRT karting club) (open karting track at SOL spa resort) (10 Dyujmov karting club)

Karting schools: (SMP Racing school)

Driving academies and race instructors / trainers: (Mercedes-AMG academy) (BMW Driving Experience) (Audi Driving Experience) (Porsche Driving Center) (Anton Zakharov academy) (Anton Nebylitskiy academy)

Tracks and track days: (Moscow raceway) (Myachkovo ADM) (Smolensk ring) (Kazan ring) (Nizhny Novgorod ring) (Sochi Autodrom) (sports cars rental and organization of track days) (sports cars rental and organization of track days)

Championships: (Forza karting championships) (several karting championships) (Time-attack Maxpowercars & Bikes) (MitJet sport prototypes racing series) (Legends sport prototypes racing series)

http://рскг.рф/ (Russian Series of Circuit Races) (Formula Masters) (GT Open) (RRT Radical)