Andrei Musaev


Racing mentor

Do you want to achieve significant results in sport (even on the amateur level)? Then you need an instructor / trainer / mentor, motorsport is not an exception. Read on to know how I've met my trainer, and more about the man whom I have entrusted my racing education.

Review of karting clubs and tracks (part 1)

In this post I will tell you about my impressions and subjective opinions about 5 Moscow karting clubs and tracks that I have personally visited recently. Configurations of tracks, the price of visit, services – all the information especially for you))

Choosing action camera (Polaroid Cube Plus vs GoPro Hero 4 Session)

I have decided to buy an action camera to record my racing progress. Polaroid Cube Plus and GoPro Hero 4 Session made the final short list. Read more to find out which camera I have chosen and why.

How to become a racing driver today

When starting my experiment, as a lawyer, I, certainly, couldn't begin without looking around in search of the answer to the question: how do people get into the motorsport and become racing drivers? And what options do I generally have? Apparently there are several ways, including the most unexpected. Read more in this post.